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Archos announces 101 XS Android tablet with included keyboard dock

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Archos announced the 101 XS today in Paris, the first of its newest lineup of devices.

Archos doesn't have the best reputation for device quality in recent years, but the French company is back at it again, announcing today the 101 XS. The Android tablet is the first in the company's new Gen10 lineup, and according to Director of Marketing Craig TerBlanche represents a much more complete and polished effort from the company. It's only 8mm thick, runs TI's OMAP 4470 processor along with 1GB of RAM, and features a virtually unblemished Android 4.0 experience. We've got a full review of the new device, so head on over there for our thoughts on Archos's newest device. If it piques your interest, you'll be able to buy the tablet and its Coverboard companion in November for $399, and if you're in Europe you'll get it in September. It's only available in white for now, but we're told a black version could be in the pipeline for next year.