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Disney reportedly working on reboot of 'The Rocketeer'

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Walt Disney Studios is purportedly meeting with writers to create a reboot of the 1991 film "The Rocketeer."

rocketeer movie poster
rocketeer movie poster

Walt Disney Pictures is reportedly developing a big screen reboot of The Rocketeer, according to Vulture. The original 1991 film, based on a comic book of the same name, followed stunt pilot Cliff Secord's adventures as we he went up against the Nazis (the story took place in 1938) with the help of a jetpack. The movie starred Billy Campbell as Secord, and also featured many other major Hollywood names like Alan Arkin, Jennifer Connelly, and Paul Sorvino, as well as then-James Bond Timothy Dalton.

The reason behind Disney's revival of a lesser-known franchise is unknown, although the studio's recent success with The Avengers may be contributing to the decision. Considering that fellow highflyer Iron Man and the Nazi-fighting Captain America are currently in the spotlight, Disney may just be trying to find another way to cash-in with another superhero movie. The reboot is said to still be in its early stages, withthe studio scheduled to meet with a number of writers to create a story. If you're unfamiliar with The Rocketeer or have forgotten about it in the last few decades, a 20th Anniversary Edition of the film was released on Blu-ray late last year.