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Verizon Optimus Vu to be rebranded as the LG Intuition, will cost $199.99 on contract

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Sources have told Droid Life that the LG Optimus Vu will be released with Verizon as the Intuition and will cost $199.99 on contract.

LG Optimus Vu
LG Optimus Vu

Despite having been announced in January and photos of a Verizon-branded version surfacing last month, details surrounding LG's Optimus Vu have been scant. According to sources speaking to Droid Life, the Verizon version of the 5-inch handset will be rebranded as the LG Intuition and will cost $199.99 on contract or $549.99 unsubsidized. Since the Verizon version will be equipped with an LTE radio, it seems likely that it will include a Snapdragon S4 processor, unlike the non-LTE Tegra 3 versions scheduled for release in select international markets. Unfortunately, additional details regarding availability or hardware specifications were not revealed. One thing's for sure, between the Intuition and the successor to Samsung's Galaxy Note, the battle for oversized smartphones is just getting started.