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New iPhone USB cable with smaller dock connector surfaces

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Photos have surfaced online of an iPhone cable that looks to use the rumored smaller dock connector.

iphone dock connector USB cable (veister)
iphone dock connector USB cable (veister)

It's almost a given by now that the next iPhone will feature a redesigned, smaller dock connector; we've heard the rumor for quite some time, and have seen alleged handset cases show up with the compact port. Now a photo circulated on Twitter by Jack Yao of Chinese accessory vendor Veister appears to show an example of a cable that'll use that port. There's little to distinguish it from an official Apple product, but it could also be a third-party replacement. If that's the case, though, Veister doesn't seem to be selling it.

The cable has FTC markings and what looks like a scannable QR code on the standard USB end. The smaller dock connector seems to line up with earlier reports and photos of a double-sided plug with nine pins (eight visible plus the surrounding metal conductor), though the photo is too blurry to tell for sure. In any case, we're expecting Apple to tell all in just a few weeks' time.