By Nilay Patel, Matt Macari, and Bryan Bishop

After weeks of trial and impassioned closing arguments from both sides, the historic Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit is now in the hands of the jury. The seven-man, two-woman panel began deliberating yesterday at 9AM, and they'll carry on today and every day until they reach their decisions. It will be a monumental task.

Although Apple and Samsung did their best to present high-level narratives about copying and product development throughout the trial, the jury’s work is far more complicated than simply asking if Samsung copied Apple. Instead, the 20-page verdict form presents around 700 extremely specific questions, divided into 33 groups. These questions exhaustively cover everything at issue in the trial, down to exact, per-device dollar amounts Apple and Samsung might owe each other for copying various kinds of intellectual property. Importantly, the jury has to be unanimous on each decision — dramatically increasing both the length of deliberations and the chances they'll fail to decide at all.