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Padcaster iPad tripod mount and lens adapter combo now shipping for $189

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The Padcaster iPad tripod mount and Lenscaster lens adapter combo is now available for $189.

Padcaster hands-on
Padcaster hands-on

The idea of using an iPad to take serious video may seem anathema now, but what if you could mount it on a tripod and use your lens collection? That's the proposition made by the Padcaster and Lenscaster, which we first saw back at NAB in April and is now available to purchase. The Padcaster case lets you fix a tripod, lighting, or microphones to your iPad for higher quality video recording, and the Lenscaster attachment allows you to use better optics. We saw it demoed with a Carl Zeiss video lens before, but with separate depth-of-field adapters you'll be able to use SLR lenses as well. The Padcaster is available for $149 by itself or $189 when packaged with the Lenscaster — a nice surprise considering we heard the Padcaster alone would run $199.