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This Is My Cam: a Flickr-linked showcase for your camera

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This Is My Cam allows users to group their Flickr photos by the camera which took them, creating personalized profiles of their devices.

This is my Cam screenshot
This is my Cam screenshot

Flickr is a mine of camera data, showing detailed names and model numbers for virtually every photo taken — but this information is confined to a sidebar and doesn't allow users to focus on the cameras themselves. Former Flickr developer Chris Martin attempts to fix that with This Is My Cam, a hackday project which allows users to create personalized profiles of their devices, organizing photographs according to the camera which took them.

With a name inspired by the social music site This Is My Jam, This Is My Cam works by analyzing EXIF data taken from Flickr's API. While this varies between photographs, it generally includes details of the camera, as well as information on the date and settings — aperture, shutter speed, and more. Using this, the pages on This Is My Cam tell a compelling story of camera ownership, showing users' first and latest photos with a given device and providing links to other cameras in their repertoire, including the built-in units on smartphones and tablets.