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LG Display starts mass production of in-cell panels, ready for new iPhone

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LG Display has begun mass production of in-cell touch panels, with the displays expected to be included in Apple's iPhone 5 next month.

LG logo ces (1020)
LG logo ces (1020)

LG Display has begun mass production of touch screens using in-cell technology, with the panels expected to be included in Apple's latest iPhone when it is unveiled next month, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The inclusion of capacitive touch sensors in the displays themselves allows for a thinner overall form factor, an advantage for devices such as smartphones and tablets. As well as LG Display, the screens will be produced by Japanese manufacturers Sharp and Japan Display, with Sharp reportedly shipping the units this month.

According to chief executive Han Sang-beom, LG Display expects to record an operating profit in its next earnings report, after a disappointing second quarter saw the company lose 129 billion won ($113 million), its third straight quarterly loss. LG Display has also been embroiled in controversy over OLED TVs recently, with employees accused of stealing technology from rival Samsung.