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VMware launches with Windows 8 support, Parallels coming September 4th

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Both Parallels and VMWare have announced the latest versions of their virtualization software.

Gallery Photo: MacBook Air with Windows 7 review
Gallery Photo: MacBook Air with Windows 7 review

If you're looking to run Windows on your Mac, there's good news as both Parallels and VMware have announced new versions of their virtualization software. Parallels Desktop 8 is set to launch on September 4th, and though details on what new features we can expect are slim, if you happened to pick up a copy of Parallels 7 on or after July 25th, you'll be upgraded to the latest version free of charge when it launches next month.

VMware Fusion 5, meanwhile, is available right now. The new version has been updated to support both Mountain Lion and Windows 8, and includes a host of other upgrades including faster reboot speeds, optimized performance for better battery life, retina display optimization, and faster 3D graphics, among others — all told the company says there are 70 new features. As with Parallels, those who purchased Fusion 4 on or after July 25th will receive the upgrade for free, while the base version and its professional counterpart will cost $49.99 and $99.99 for everyone else. Now it just comes down to which one you want to pick.