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Xbox Live getting Presidential Election hub with live coverage, polls, and news

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A soon-to-be-released hub on Xbox Live will let gamers follow the Presidential Election from the comfort of their consoles.

xbox 360 stock
xbox 360 stock

If beating up the presidential candidates wasn't enough to get you excited for the upcoming election, Microsoft has announced a new hub for Xbox Live that will let users follow the action from the comfort of their game console. The Election 2012 hub launches on August 27th, and will feature live coverage of the presidential debates as well as live feeds from both parties' national conventions. You'll be able to register to vote through Rock the Vote, participate in polls, and follow the campaign's every move courtesy Microsoft has also partnered up with Face the Facts USA to provide videos that will help voters "more accurately understand the major issues surrounding the election and the candidates involved." The new hub follows similar initiatives from the likes of Twitter and YouTube, designed to make following the election easier and more interactive.