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Play this: 'Borderlands' gets remade into 'Smash TV'-style arcade shooter

Play this: 'Borderlands' gets remade into 'Smash TV'-style arcade shooter


To promote the upcoming launch of Borderlands 2, 2K Games has released a terrific web-based demake of the alien shooter.

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Borderlands wasn't always a modern first-person shooter — or at least that's what 2K Games wants you to think with its latest promotional browser game. The game is meant to hype the upcoming Borderlands 2, but manages to stand up pretty well on its own. The pixelated shooter is a demake, imagining what the franchise would have looked like in 1989, and letting you pick from one of four characters to shoot hordes of alien creatures in an enclosed arena. It's reminiscent of arcade games like Smash TV, but with the alien, post-apocalyptic setting the Borderlands series is known for. That's not all the game takes from its more modern counterparts, though — as you progress you'll gain experience points and there's no shortage of weapon upgrades. It's nowhere near as complex as the PC and console versions, but it's a great way to waste an afternoon. Check it out at the source link below.