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Facebook for Android updated with new photo upload flow, event creation features

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Facebook for Android gains a new photo upload tool, event creation capability, and better messaging features in its latest update.

Facebook Android login screen (stock)
Facebook Android login screen (stock)

Uploading batches of pictures from your Android device to Facebook just got a whole lot easier, as the social network released an updated version of the official Facebook app for Android today. It has always been a bit of a pain to upload photos with the mobile app, especially if you are working with more than one shot, but the new uploader lets you grab multiple images to upload at once before captioning and tagging them.

Easier photo uploads aren't the only thing to come with this update, as it is now possible to create events complete with location and attendee information from your Android device. The official Facebook app for iOS doesn't yet have this capability, so Android users have a little bit of a leg up on their iPhone-toting counterparts for the time being. Finally, users can now add photos and emoji characters to messages, bringing the Facebook app up to parity with the features available in the Facebook Messenger app. You can grab the updated Facebook for Android from the Google Play Store now.