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AT&T's Mobile Share data plans now available

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AT&T's Mobile Share plans are available starting today, offering unlimited text messages and talk time with varying buckets of shared data.

AT&T logo (STOCK)
AT&T logo (STOCK)

As expected, AT&T's Mobile Share plans are live as of today. Following in Verizon's footsteps, the new plans offer unlimited text messages and talk time, and are paired with buckets of data that can be shared among multiple devices. On the bottom end, 1GB of data can be picked up for $40 a month plus $45 for each smartphone, while 20GB will cost you $200 plus $30 for each smartphone. You can also add feature phones to the plans for $30 a month, tablets and gaming devices for $10 each, or laptops, LaptopConnect, mobile hotspot devices, and netbooks for $20. Additionally, all of the plans include mobile hotspot and tethering for applicable devices at no extra charge.

Enrolling in one of AT&T's Mobile Share plans is the only way that subscribers will be able to utilize Apple's FaceTime over cellular, a decision that has caused an uproar with both consumers and net neutrality advocates. If you're curious about how the new plans will affect you, forum user DanJ01 has broken down the numbers, comparing the older plans with the new shared options.