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Pandora for Android update brings new interface, song lyrics, and more

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A new update for Pandora on Android adds a redesigned interface much like what you'll find int he iPhone version.

Pandora Android
Pandora Android

Last month Pandora updated the iPhone version of its streaming app, and today Android users can finally enjoy the same new features. Chief among the changes is the redesigned user interface, which brings a Facebook-style blue-and-white look to the app along with some navigation and design tweaks. You can now also check out song lyrics, artist bios, and view similar artists and tracks from within the app, as well as review and rate previously heard songs. Aside from that, you can expect the traditional round of unnamed bug fixes. The news comes not long after competitor Spotify launched its own major Android update, providing unlimited free radio to users in the US. You can grab the updated version of Pandora now from the source link below.