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OnLive CEO stays on board to take the company 'to a higher level'

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OnLive's CEO Steve Perlman will retain his position despite the company's recent troubles.

onlive hq stock 1024 logo
onlive hq stock 1024 logo

Cloud gaming company OnLive has revealed to OnLive Fans that it will keep Steve Perlman as its CEO following the turmoil the company has seen over the past week. Perlman's position was up in the air when the company shut down last week and laid off many of its staffers. Since then, OnLive has rehired a number of its employees back after starting a new venture — also called OnLive — which is said to be a complete "reboot" of the company. The company apparently was in debt to the tune of $30 to $40 million, but Perlman says that he is confident the new financial backer will let him take the company "to a higher level."

OnLive's statement also included hope that we would see some new products from the company in the near future:

Steve continues as CEO and is currently concentrating on the transition; once this is complete, he’ll be very focused on our next product releases and the vision. There will be changes to the organization both with old and new OnLive staff that will be bringing new features and games to the service. There will be more announcements — both large and small, such as the arrival of the Vizio CoStar and the Ouya Kickstarter project, and stay tuned for major announcements coming soon.