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Microsoft Surface street art ads appear in New York

Microsoft Surface street art ads appear in New York


Microsoft appears to have created a street art ad campaign in New York for its upcoming Surface tablet.

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Microsoft's new Surface might not be launching until October 26th, but the company appears to be kicking off its marketing for the Windows RT-powered tablet a little early. A building wall in New York City has been taken over by three tablet outlines — similar to the ones used in Microsoft's unveiling of the Surface back in June. While there's no pricing information or other details, the street art shows off a trio of colors for the Surface keyboards — similar to the Surface cake displayed at Microsoft's Windows 8 party.

We've reached out to Microsoft to clarify whether the company was involved in the creation of the street art and we're waiting to hear back from a spokesperson. The street art mimics similar marketing tactics used by Microsoft for its MSN launch in 2002 and Windows Phone 7 introduction in 2010. Both graffiti art occasions angered city officials at the time, with the MSN butterfly campaign resulting in a $50 fine for sticking MSN butterflies on sidewalks, traffic signals, and stop signs.

Thanks, Surfevangelist!

Update: Microsoft says it's "not commenting" on the appearance of the Surface artwork.

Update 2: The Surface artwork is now appearing in additional locations throughout New York, thanks to Travis and Amanda.