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'I Am Alive' comes to PC in September with new features, upgrades

'I Am Alive' comes to PC in September with new features, upgrades


PC port of I Am Alive dated for September 13th with new features.

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I Am Alive PC
I Am Alive PC

Ubisoft's post-apocalyptic event adventure game I Am Alive will be released on PC on September 13th, the publisher announced today, promising improvements for the game released on consoles earlier this year.

I Am Alive's Windows PC release will feature improved visuals, higher resolution options, and two new modes: "Easy" mode, which offers infinite retries and "a smoother introduction," and "Replay" mode, which lets completionists revisit previously completed levels to find items and secrets they may have missed the first time.

The Ubisoft Shanghai-developed adventure takes place in a decimated city after a massive disaster known simply as "The Event." Players must deal with limited ammunition and supplies as they combat fellow survivors on a journey to find the main character's missing wife and daughter. I Am Alive was first released on Xbox Live Arcade in March, then on PlayStation Network in April.

I Am Alive for PC will be sold for $14.99 on Steam, Ubishop, and other digital retailers.

'I Am Alive' PC screenshots