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Apple and Samsung both hit with injunctions in South Korea for patent infringement

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A ruling in Seoul District Court found Apple guilty of infringing two Samsung patents. Apple is facing an injunction on the sale of its iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 handsets, as well as its first- and second-generation iPads.

iphone korea (apple)
iphone korea (apple)

A split decision ruling in Seoul District Court found Apple and Samsung both guilty of infringing one another's patents, reports The Wall Street Journal. Apple is found to have infringed two of Samsung's patents related to networking. As a result, Apple will be barred from selling its infringing products in South Korea; products that include the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as well as the first and second generation iPads, reports MoneyToday. Apple will also need to pay Samsung the ridiculously small sum of ₩40 million in damages, about $35,000.

Samsung isn't getting out unscathed, either. It will need to stop selling the Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 in its home country, as well as pay ₩25 million, about $22,000, for infringing Apple's bounce-back patent. The court ruled Samsung did not infringe Apple's other software patents, including slide-to-unlock, or its patents on product and packaging design.

The verdict has not been finalized, making it unclear what the companies' recourse to the injunctions might be. Samsung first filed suit against Apple in Korea for patent infringement in April of last year, after which Apple countersued, claiming Samsung infringed patents on its product design and user interface.

Hyunhu Jang contributed to this report