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What's in your bag, Nina Sokoler?


What's in your bag? is a recurring feature where we ask people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and hearts to us. Show us your bag in this forum post. This week, we're featuring Senior Video Producer Nina Sokoler.

My bag may be a little out of sync with everyone else’s. Most of you won’t find it particularly interesting because it’s not tech focused, but neither is my job. I spend most days updating calendars, scheduling video shoots, obtaining talent releases, and planning events. My bag may be a little small, but it's able to carry everything I need with a little flair.

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The bag

Sam 765

Kate Spade Larissa Purse

While I tend to sport a messenger bag or tote that can accommodate my computer (MacBook Air… just like the rest of the team!), I recently traded it in for Kate Spade Larissa Purse. Because it's not as small as it looks, it can hold my computer if needed. It certainly isn't the ideal work bag, but hey, it’s cute, so I deal with it.

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iPad 2

When I first purchased my iPad, I had hopes of never using it for work. I wanted it for reading, movie watching, and tossing some Angry Birds, among other things. Slowly, however, work crept in, and it's become a staple piece of hardware for my daily life.

iPhone 4

I’ve been an iPhone gal since June 2010. It is home to my calendar, music, games, quick reads, and any other ADD tendencies that might occur when I have to commute somewhere. I have a Case-Mate Monsta, which if not for its adorable monster design would probably have been permanently replaced by the standard Apple bumper.


Nothing special, simple Apple earbuds. They work, and I'm not that picky.

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Lipstick / Lip Balm & Hair Tie

With the weather constantly changing in New York, few things are important as a reliable lip balm. I have been a faithful Smith’s Rosebud Salve user for years; its no-nonsense design has never let me down. As for the lipsticks... they're not a day-to-day essential for me, but my best friend is a makeup artist who constantly has me trying new colors, so they've all found a home in my various bags. And the bright green hair tie? Rule number one for anyone with long hair: never go anywhere without a hair tie.

Ray-Bans & Glasses

Up until I invested in a pair of Ray-Bans, I lost every pair of $10 sunglasses within two weeks of purchase. Somehow, I've been able to hold onto these sunglasses for over a year now. As for my glasses, I have been wearing them since 10th grade and have, for the most part, always been partial to black chunky frames.


I end every day by making a written list of the next days to dos, and I also take written notes throughout the day. I enjoy crossing items off lists, and I feel like I have more control if I've written something down in ink. If I have a choice, I prefer the classic Moleskine for its clean line-free pages.


Yes, I keep a Google calendar and it's synced with my iPhone, but I prefer the process of filling out a physical calendar. It's probably just habit, but I enjoy being able to pull out a calendar in meetings for everyone to look at.


The bazillion keys are for the Verge office, Vox studios, and my home. I have an Eiffel Tower keychain because Paris is one of my favorite cities. Regarding my hot pink wallet, it's very hard to lose because of its vibrant color, but it also weighs a ton. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect wallet, so this is just a placeholder.