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NHK's 8K Ultra High Definition TV standard approved by ITU

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The ITU has approved NHK's draft for Ultra High Definition TV.

super hi-vision 1020 stock
super hi-vision 1020 stock

Following May's draft recommendation of a standard for Ultra High-Definition TV (UHDTV), the International Telecommunication Union has finally approved the proposal. Japan's NHK, which is largely responsible for developing UHDTV and refers to it as Super Hi-Vision, hailed the approval today as a "big advance" towards implementing the standard.

The announcement makes no mention of the smaller 4K resolution included in the draft recommendation, instead highlighting 7680 x 4320 8K as the thrust of the standard along with a boost to 120fps and a wider color gamut. It'll be a long time before we get 8K sets in our homes considering that we're only just hearing about 4K TV unveilings from manufacturers such as Sony, but it's nevertheless good to see the wheels of progress turning.