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Flickr for Android updated with UI improvements and new editing functionality

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Flickr has updated its Android app, adding improvements to the user interface and a number of new features.

Flickr Android app update
Flickr Android app update

Flickr's Android app has been updated, bringing a host of changes to the user interface as well as some new functionality. The latest version of the app includes a new horizontal swiping system, making navigation between photos easier, and adds an iOS-style pull-to-refresh feature to pages displaying new content. It also adds the ability to edit descriptions and metadata on existing photos, a feature previously confined to the website, and a dialog allowing users to choose camera software other than Flickr's built-in option for taking photos.

While users are notified of the new navigation options by a regular pop-up, swiping between photos can take some time to get used to, particularly as certain sections of the app don't include any animations to smooth the process. Still, the overall effect is a clean and relatively sophisticated experience, on a par with Flickr's app for iOS.