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Google uses algorithm to help attract more female employees

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Google has started using an algorithm to determine when women are leaving the company, so it can do a better job of keeping them.

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Like many tech companies, Google is made up of more men than women — currently about one third of the 34,300 people at the company are female. In an attempt to fix this and attract and retain more female employees, the search giant is doing what it does best. It has created an algorithm that determines at what point women are leaving the company in order to help figure out how best to keep them on board.

"I wish we could say we're amazingly successful."

Changes to the interview process, including having more women conduct the interviews, have already ensured that more women are being hired, and the company has also started a series of female-led workshops to encourage women to nominate themselves for promotions. While the changes have been positive so far, the company believes it still has a long way to go. "I wish we could say we're amazingly successful and closing in on 50 percent women," Google's Alan Eustace told the New York Times, "but it's not true."