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Jury awards Apple $1.049 billion in Samsung patent dispute ruling (updated)

Jury awards Apple $1.049 billion in Samsung patent dispute ruling (updated)


After two days of deliberation, the jury has reached a verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial and has announced the damages to be awarded.

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Robert Peckham Federal Building and Courthouse
Robert Peckham Federal Building and Courthouse

In a landmark ruling in the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial, the jury has just awarded damages to Apple for Samsung's violation of its various software, hardware design patents, and trade-dress dilution. For its various violations, Samsung must pay Apple $1,049,343,540 in damages, the jury determined. The damages, by device, are as follows:

Accused Samsung Product Amount Awarded
Captivate (JX 1011) $80,840,162
Continuum (JX 1016) $16,399,117
Droid Charge (JX1025) $50,672,869
Epic 4G (JX 1012) $130,180,896
Exhibit 4G (JX 1028) $1,084,820
Fascinate (JX 1013) $143,539,179
Galaxy Ace (JX 1030) $0
Galaxy Prevail (JX 1022) $57,867,383
Galaxy S (i9000) (JX 1007) $0
Galaxy S 4G (JX 1019) $73,344,668
Galaxy S II (AT&T) (JX 1031) $40,494,356
Galaxy S II (i900) (JX 1032) $0
Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) (JX 1033) $83,791,708
Galaxy S II (Epic 4G Touch) (JX 1034) $100,326,988
Galaxy S II (Skyrocket) (JX 1035) $32,273,558
Galaxy S II Showcase (i500) (JX 1017) $22,002,146
Galaxy Tab (JX 1036) $1,966,691
Galaxy Tab 10.1 (WiFi) (JX 1037) $833,076
Galaxy Tab 10.1 (4G LTE) (JX 1038) $219,694
Gem (JX 1020) $4,075,585
Indulge (JX 1026) $16,011,184
Infuse 4G (JX 1027) $44,792,974
Intercept 4G (JX 1009) $2,242,013
Mesmerize (JX 1015) $53,123,612
Nexus S 4G (JX 1023) $1,828,297
Replenish (JX 1024) $3,350,256
Transform (JX 1014) $953,060
Vibrant (JX 1010) $89,673,957

Total: $1,049,343,540

Despite the substantial damages awarded to Apple, the jury found that Samsung was owed no monetary compensation for its own utility patent claims. The jury was tasked with reviewing each patent, assigning a cumulative dollar amount to over 700 patent-specific questions. The jury returned a verdict after just two days of deliberation.

Check out the entire 20-page verdict here. A hearing is scheduled to be held on September 20th wherein Apple will file for permanent injunctions on the Samsung products found in violation of its patents, potentially banning their import to the United States.

Update: After delivering its initial verdict awarding Apple $1,051,855,000, the jury was asked to address discrepancies regarding two items on the verdict form. The verdict has been updated to reflect the new total damages owed to Apple, which is $1,049,343,540.