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The Vergecast Special Edition: Apple vs. Samsung verdict is in, we're live tonight at 8:15 EDT / 12:15 GMT

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A special edition of The Vergecast, talking the verdict Apple vs Samsung.

Apple samsung patent
Apple samsung patent

Just as the week was winding down, the jury in the Apple vs. Samsung case dropped a bombshell: a billion-dollar verdict in the landmark case. There's a lot going on in the case, and a lot to discuss. So we're bringing in the big legal guns of the Verge staff to go over it all. We'll break all the decisions down, and try to figure out what this means for Samsung, Apple, and the tech industry as a whole. Won't you join us? Also, if you have questions about what went down tonight, drop them in the comments and we'll do our best to clarify everything.

You can watch the show live via Livestream immediately below. We also use the regular Vergecast Livestream feed and iTunes / RSS feeds, so you'll get these shows automatically if you're subscribed.

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