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Compact Fujifilm X series camera leaks ahead of Photokina

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Fujifilm's upcoming compact X series camera leaks ahead of an official announcement. The new camera has a 4x fixed zoom lens with a manual control dial and a metal body with leather accents.

Fujifilm X compact camera
Fujifilm X compact camera

This morning we caught a leak of the new Fujifilm X-E1 mirrorless camera, and now Digicam Info is back with yet another never before seen model. Details are a little more scarce this time around, but it appears that this model will sit lower on the totem pole than the X-E1. Allegedly called the "XP1" or "XF1" (Digicam Info wasn't sure which one it would be), the new camera is more compact than the X-E1 and features a fixed lens and a delightfully retro design. The camera itself appears to be made of metal, and it is finished with a leather — or faux leather — covering in the areas that matter most. Either way, the clean lines and combination of texture and metal makes this camera quite the looker.

The new camera's lens has a 4x zoom range and f/1.8 aperture at its widest setting — though that shrinks down to f/4.9 at full zoom. There is also a metal control ring surrounding the lens and a second control dial on the back of the camera. We don't yet know how many megapixels or what size sensor the new model has, but given its obviously smaller dimensions, it's not likely to pack a humongous sensor. Additionally, while it's not yet clear how much this guy will cost, we don't think it will be in the bargain bin.