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YouTube testing Moodwall, wants you to discover videos by 'vibe'

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YouTube is testing a new Moodwall feature that lets users discover new content through 'vibe.'

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YouTube is testing a new content discovery feature called Moodwall. A screenshot of the new view was uploaded by The Guardian's James Dart, revealing the option to "explore videos by vibe." The different vibes on offer range from the expected 'Funny,' 'Fast,' and 'Inspiring,' to the slightly dumbfounding 'Catchy' — because haven't you always wanted to search for catchy videos? From early user feedback it appears the vibes are assigned by YouTube, rather than users.

We've noticed some confused YouTubers complaining about the Moodwall's bugginess through multiple threads in Google's support forums, but it's not clear how widespread this feature test is, or if there's a plan for a full rollout in the future. We've reached out to YouTube for comment and will update you once we hear back.