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OwnFone will only let you call the people most important to you

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OwnFone is a simple, customizable phone designed only to call those people who are most important to you.


While most smartphones attempt to attract consumers by adding more and more features, OwnFone's biggest appeal is its distinct lack of options — it can make phone calls and that's about it. Not only that, but the credit card-sized device is also designed to only call the most important people in your life. Before purchasing you'll need to pick up to 12 different contacts, and the phone will then ship with buttons dedicated to each number.

There's no standard keypad or even a display, though you can customize it visually by picking from a range of colors and styles. The company sees the device being used as a low-cost alternative to current mobile phones, or even as an emergency backup for those times your iPhone's battery goes dead. The handset itself will cost you £55 (about US $87) and is currently only available to those with an address in the UK. You can design your own at the source link below.