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Walking Biped is the ultimate in paper robotics

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A new papercraft robot from Japan produces an impressively lifelike gait using nothing more than paper, wooden rods, and rubber bands to provide power.

papercraft robot (thedoorintos)
papercraft robot (thedoorintos)

Japanese artists and engineers have giant hydraulic mech robots more or less covered, so it’s good to see work progressing in other important areas, like walking papercraft robots. The Biped Robot pictured above is made completely from paper aside from some rubber bands for power and a handful of wooden shafts for rigidity. In case you’re thinking of making your own, the robot’s laborious construction is detailed in a video posted by YouTube user thedoorintos, whose papercraft rubber band gattling gun (video below) has the potential to turn a fleet of harmless walking Bipeds into a fearsome box-toppling army.