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Samsung to reveal Windows 8 transforming tablet at IFA 2012

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Samsung is teasing its Windows 8 transforming tablet for a reveal at IFA 2012.

Samsung Windows 8 tablet
Samsung Windows 8 tablet

Samsung has been teasing its transforming Windows 8 tablet recently, and it appears the company has set a date for its unveiling. In a Facebook post from Samsung Notebook, the company says "don't worry, it's just around the corner," accompanied with another teaser image with the question "ready to be smart?" and the IFA 2012 text.

We first got an early look at a Samsung Series 5 Hybrid Windows 8 transforming tablet at Computex earlier this year, and the teaser video and image look to be similar. The concept featured a transforming tablet with an attachable keyboard and slot for a stylus pen — backed by a display of around 11 inches in size. It looks like Samsung's market-ready Windows 8 transforming tablet will be at hand for all to see in Berlin later this week.

Thanks, Paulo!