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Samsung to bring transparent commercial displays to market in September

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Samsung has announced the availability of two new commercial displays, one offering a square, stackable screen and the other providing an integrated display case with a transparent front panel.

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Samsung NL22B display case
Samsung NL22B display case

Samsung has launched a pair of new displays for commercial use, offering an integrated display case using a transparent panel and a square, stackable screen with a thin bezel. Dubbed NL22B, the former, pictured above, is a self-contained product, comprising a 22-inch transparent display at the front of a cuboid case, with a built-in computer for video control and speakers for atmospheric sound. The latter, known as the UD22B, provides 21.6 inches of screen real estate with a bezel of just 5.5mm — according to Samsung, the display is designed to help users create "artistic video walls," daisy-chaining up to 100 separate units together.

Quietly announced back at InfoComm 2012 in June, the devices will apparently be commercially available in September, and Samsung plans to celebrate the occasion with an exhibit at the IFA trade show in Berlin. For an early demonstration of the NL22B's transparent panel — which Samsung claims offers a transmittance rate of 15 percent, as against the 5 percent provided by "competitive displays" — check out the video below.