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LG launching Smart TV game portal, big-name games on the way

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LG is launching a new gaming portal called Game World for its Smart TVs, and a screenshot name-drops Shadowgun, Cut the Rope, and Plants Vs. Zombies as potential titles for the service.

LG Game World
LG Game World

LG has offered games through its Smart TV app store for some time, but now it's launching a new gaming portal called Game World. Games from the store will be compatible with LG's Magic Remote accessory, which allows for voice and gesture control. In a screenshot released by LG today, Shadowgun, Cut The Rope, and Plants Vs. Zombies are all present in the new portal.

Of course, there's always the possibility that the games were added in by a over-excited graphic designer, as, unlike other titles in the image, they're not currently available from LG's Smart TV app store. The company says Game World will launch this September in "global markets," and hints that it'll be demoed at IFA this week, so we won't have too long a wait to find out.