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Chinese gamer returns spacebars stolen from internet cafe

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A Chinese man has turned up at an internet cafe with a pile of spacebars, reportedly stolen from the establishment more than seven years ago.

Chinese man returns spacebars
Chinese man returns spacebars

According to a bizarre story reported by Chinese state newspaper The People's Daily, a man recently turned up at an internet cafe in the country with a pile of stolen spacebars. Irritated by the noise made by players of the rhythmic game Audition Online, which involves repeated tapping of the keyboard, the disgruntled gamer had surreptitiously removed the offending keys from the establishment two years previously. But he decided to make amends in order to enjoy a fresh start following his upcoming wedding, returning the spacebars in bulk earlier this month. It's difficult to see what use the cafe's proprietor could have for the long-outdated keys — quoted by Kotaku, he explains how he was forced to install CCTV cameras in order to combat the theft, as well as replacing whole keyboards where spare parts were unavailable. Still, it's an amusing gesture.