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Watch this: 'Looper' reimagined as a retro video game

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What would Looper look like as a pixelated video game? One fan decided to create a trailer to see.

Looper retro video game still
Looper retro video game still

Many of us are excited for the time-travelling assassin movie Looper, but for Deepak Chetty that anticipation led him to reimagine the film in retro video game form. While he calls it an 8-bit ("sorta") game, the level of detail here is really more reminiscent of titles from the Atari Jaguar and Panasonic 3DO era. Still, it's a fun video nonetheless — even if the gameplay does look a little, well, limited. It also makes us wish there was a real game version, because as titles like Beneath a Steel Sky have shown us, pixels and gritty sci-fi are a perfect match. You can watch the full video below, and if you haven't already, be sure to check out both the initial teaser and the extended trailer for Looper, which is due to reach US theaters on September 28th.