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Twitter-competitor gets its first phone app: Hooha for Android

Twitter-competitor gets its first phone app: Hooha for Android


Hooha, a new Android app, gives users access to the social network from their mobile devices.

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Hooha for Android
Hooha for Android is aiming to be the people's competitor to the likes of Twitter, but it will never get there without proper access on mobile devices. That's where the horribly-named Hooha — the first Android app for — comes in. Formerly known as Jive (why the developers changed it to Hooha, no one knows), Hooha gives users full access to global posts, as well as their own streams and mentions. The app supports new posts, replies, and reposts, plus the ability to view and follow other users. Hooha can also open links from posts, and lets users share links to the network from other Android apps.

In the future, the developers plan to add hashtag support, pull-to-refresh, background updates, URL shortening, and search features — making Hooha as much of a clone of Twitter apps as is of Twitter itself. Users that have already been invited to join the party can grab the alpha version of Hooha from the Google Play Store now, but if you are still waiting for access, Hooha won't be that useful to you yet.