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UPS prepares for same-day delivery with $2 million Shutl investment

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UK-based delivery service Shutl has obtained $2 million from UPS and other investors with hopes to bring same-day delivery to the United States early next year.

UPS truck mail SF moscone center west stock 1024
UPS truck mail SF moscone center west stock 1024

Amazon can't seem to do it, but UPS may have found a way to make same-day delivery a reality. Delivery service Shutl has announced that the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, along with existing investors Hummingbird Ventures and GeoPost, has given the company $2 million to create a team and gather retail partners with hopes to launch the new service in the United States early next year.

Shutl is best known for managing speedy deliveries in the UK — either within 90 minutes of purchase or during one-hour windows on the same day or any other day — by linking retailers with local courier companies. According to founder and CEO Tom Allason, "We’ve spent this last year taking Shutl national across UK, now we are ready for the US, a market that we estimate will be worth around $26 billion by 2016." eBay is also testing same-day delivery with its eBay Now app in San Francisco, but only time will tell if any of the proposed services will be able to keep their promises while remaining economical.