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New Nokia patent reveals possible 'Lumia Arrow' design

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A recently granted design patent may have revealed Nokia's yet-to-be announced Lumia Arrow, which we expect to see for the first time at next week's Windows Phone 8 event.

nokia arrow patent
nokia arrow patent

A recently granted design patent may have revealed one of the two handsets we expect to see from Nokia and Microsoft at their upcoming Windows Phone 8 event. Filed with the US Patent Office on August 21st, the drawings show a slate device that resembles the Nokia Lumia 610 and is somewhat consistent with a prototype bezel that surfaced earlier this month. Illustrations of what appears to be Nokia's "Lumia Phi" showed up last week, making this handset a possible candidate for the mid-range "Lumia Arrow" or even the Lumia 719. Either way, we'll know exactly what both companies have up their sleeves next week in New York City.