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Google appoints Punit Soni as new VP of product at Motorola Mobility

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Google has appointed Punit Soni as vice president of product at Motorola Mobility, according to Soni's LinkedIn profile.

Motorola logo
Motorola logo

Google is continuing to make executive shuffles following the close of its Motorola Mobility purchase back in May, announcing the appointment Punit Soni as the division's vice president of product today. Soni's change in title, as spotted on his LinkedIn profile, moves him from a management role in Google's Mobile Strategy team over to the newly acquired mobile device manufacturer. Soni claims that he is in charge of "all aspects of the product development including crafting strategy, building teams and executing to go to market," so he should be getting down and dirty with new Motorola devices on a regular basis. Following the acquisition in May, Google appointed its own Dennis Woodside as CEO of Motorola Mobility, replacing longtime CEO Sanjay Jha.

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