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Apple to stream iTunes Festival 2012 concerts through the web, iOS devices, and Apple TVs

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Apple has revealed that it plans to stream its iTunes Festival through the web, an iOS app, and its Apple TV.

iTunes Festival 2012
iTunes Festival 2012

Apple has revealed that it plans to stream this year's iTunes Festival online. The event kicks off on September 1st with Usher and runs for 30 days with various artists including David Guetta, P!nk, and Deadmau5. For the first time in its five year history, Apple will stream each event from its iTunes Festival website, a universal iOS app, and its Apple TV. MacRumors reports that Apple updated its Apple TV recently to include a new iTunes Festival app that supports the live streaming.

It's not clear whether the event will be streamed via the company's iTunes app or in a browser stream that works across platforms. Apple has previously streamed live events for its product announcements, but the streams have lacked official support for Windows. Of course, if you'd prefer to see the artists live in London then there's still time to apply for the majority of free tickets that are handed out on a lottery basis.