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Philips discontinuing super-wide Cinema 21:9 TVs due to lack of demand

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Philips is discontinuing its line of super-wide, 21:9 aspect ratio televisions, citing a lack of demand from consumers.

Man jumping out of 21:9 Philips TV
Man jumping out of 21:9 Philips TV

Dutch manufacturer Philips, whose TV division is majority-owned by Hong Kong's TPV, is discontinuing its line of super-widescreen Cinema 21:9 televisions. According to a report from FlatpanelsHD, the company has confirmed that it has stopped all production and development of the line, and has cancelled plans to debut a new model at the IFA trade show in Berlin this week.

Philips's first TV using the 21:9 aspect ratio was launched in 2009, featuring a 56-inch display. Predictably, super-widescreen units have not sold as well as more conventional 16:9 TVs, with the company noting in a statement that "the demand for this screen size is not any more on par with what we regard as basic requirement for mass production."

While the news will come as a blow for fans of wacky, fourth-wall-breaking TV ads, US manufacturer Vizio still appears to be committed to the format, having released a new 58-inch, 21:9 TV back in June. LG also plans to debut a 29-inch monitor using the same aspect ratio this week.