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The Verge is live from IFA 2012!

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We've arrived at Berlin's IFA 2012 consumer electronics show, where events will kick off on Wednesday.

Gallery Photo: Photos from IFA in Berlin, Germany
Gallery Photo: Photos from IFA in Berlin, Germany

We've just arrived in Berlin, Germany, for IFA, the annual consumer electronics trade show. The show doesn't officially open until Wednesday, but we've been able to walk around the convention center, where Samsung and LG are vying for both most prominent OLED TV advertisement and largest number of flags. Samsung is set to unveil the successor to its Galaxy Note on August 29th, along with a transforming Windows 8 tablet. Sony is rumored to be launching an 84-inch 4K TV, and we're also expecting plenty of new displays, phones, cameras, and more. We'll be here as events kick off; for now, you can check out the leaks and announcements so far. Stay tuned for our coverage tomorrow, where we'll be liveblogging Sony's press conference and Samsung's Mobile Unpacked.

Live from Sony's IFA 2012 press event: 4pm in Berlin / 10am EDT

Live from Samsung Mobile Unpacked at IFA 2012: 7pm in Berlin / 1pm EDT