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Dolphin updates iPhone browser with new look, improved tab management

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The iPhone version of the Dolphin Browser has been updated with a redesigned interface, improved tab management, and a number of other tweaks.

Dolphin Browser iPhone
Dolphin Browser iPhone

The iPhone version of Dolphin's mobile browser has just hit version 6.0, bringing a number of new features and a redesigned look to the app. The biggest change is the new interface, which gives the browser a somewhat cleaner look, but users can also expect to see a new tab management tool that lets you see all open tabs via a sidebar on the right. Other changes include a new full-screen scroll, where the address and bottom menu bars will now hide while scrolling, providing a larger viewing area. The are also some tweaks to make it easier to access the Sonar voice control feature — which was added earlier this year — as well as a few other more minor changes. You can check out the update at the source link below — that is, if you haven't already switched over to Chrome for iPhone.