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Samsung attempts to revive the Windows 8 Start Menu with new S Launcher widget

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Samsung is attempting to bring back the Windows 8 Start Menu with its new S Launcher widget for its own PCs.

S Launcher Windows 8 Samsung (Mashable)
S Launcher Windows 8 Samsung (Mashable)

Samsung has revealed that it plans to package an S Launcher application on its Windows 8 PCs that will mimic the Windows 7 Start Menu on Microsoft's new operating system. Mashable got a chance to play around with the new launcher and reports that it's a floating desktop widget that provides access to shortcuts and system functions. You can click on the launcher and start typing in the same way the existing Windows 7 Start Menu works.

Microsoft decided to kill off the Windows 8 Start Menu and Start button in its latest operating system, a decision it made due to telemetry data obtained from the company's Customer Experience Improvement Program. The software giant found that Start menu usage had dropped and decided to remove the visual element in Windows 8. Most of the existing Start menu functionality is replaced with Microsoft's new Start Screen. Although Samsung is clearly replicating the old style Start Menu, other third parties have also released tools to bring it and the button back.