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Firefox for Android tablets updated with improved speeds and a native UI

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The Android tablet version of the Firefox web browser has been updated, bringing faster speeds and a UI designed with tablets in mind.

Firefox for Android tablets
Firefox for Android tablets

It wasn't too long ago that an update for Firefox's Android app made the browser much speedier on smartphones, and now tablets are getting the same treatment. "You'll notice everything is quicker," the company said in an announcement today, "from startup and page load times to panning and zooming and web app performance." While that's the biggest change, Firefox 15 also features a refreshed interface designed for tablets, including a new "awesome bar" that works much the same as the "awesome page" for smartphones. There's also a new "Find in Page" feature, the ability to swipe to close tabs, an option for selecting the desktop version of a site, and more. You can grab the app now from the Google Play link below.