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Official SkyDrive Android app is now available to download

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Microsoft has released an official Android client for its SkyDrive cloud storage service.

SkyDrive Android stock
SkyDrive Android stock

Microsoft has released an official version of its SkyDrive client for Android devices today. Available in the Google Play store at no cost, the SkyDrive app allows Android users to access all files and folders shared in the web service and recently used documents. Microsoft is supporting multiple file uploads with its Android app, and other Android apps are also able to access files stored in SkyDrive.

Although Microsoft supports third-party Android SkyDrive clients, the launch of an official app brings it inline with clients available for iOS and Windows Phone. Microsoft is now expected to be preparing a Milestone 4 SkyDrive release with a Recycle Bin feature — designed as a backup option for SkyDrive users who accidentally delete documents.