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Explore Curiosity's Mars landing site with NASA's 360-degree panoramic image

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A new panoramic view of Mars from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory lets you explore Curiosity's landing site.

Curiosity landing site
Curiosity landing site

There's been no shortage of astounding images coming from NASA's Curiosity rover, but the latest is notable nonetheless — it's another interactive, panoramic view of the martian landscape. Unlike the previous panorama, this one was actually created by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, providing a 360-degree view of Curiosity's landing site. It's a mosaic of 140 different images and you can use your mouse to move around and zoom in on specific points of the martian terrain — including Mount Sharp, which is visible some 12 miles away (you can check it out right here). And if that's not quite enough Mars for your liking, someone has created yet another video of Curiosity's descent using NASA footage, letting you see the stunning landing in even more detail. According to the creator, the video took four days to put together — be sure to check it out below. Sadly, didn't provide the soundtrack.