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Flipboard passes the 20 million user mark, with one new user per second

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Flipboard celebrates its second year of existence and announces 20 million users

Flipboard 20 million users
Flipboard 20 million users

Flipboard is celebrating its second year anniversary this summer, and has just announced some impressive statistics to boot. Just last year the reading app announced that it had passed the 5 million user mark, and now it reports more than 20 million. Some other relevant numbers it has just posted to its blog include the fact that Flipboard, which is available for iOS and Android devices, adds 1 new user per second on average, and sees 14.5 million social actions per month.

Speaking of the social aspect of Flipboard, the company reports that 75 percent of iPad users have connected their account to a social network such as Facebook or Twitter (which recently made it clear with new API terms that apps like Flipboard could have a rough road ahead). Possibly the most impressive figure Flipboard has revealed is the fact that its 1.5 million daily users spend an average of 86 minutes per month in the app. Be sure to check out Flipboard's official blog for more stats in an attractive infographic format.