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Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi licensed to begin service over Canada

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Gogo Inflight announces it has obtained licensing to begin providing in-flight Wi-Fi over Canada.

In-Flight Wi-Fi US Air
In-Flight Wi-Fi US Air

Gogo Inflight, the major provider of airline broadband, has obtained a license to provide service over Canada. Because Gogo's network will operate on the same frequency as its current domestic Wi-Fi in the United States, the experience will be seamless when travelling between the two countries on international flights. Gogo will begin cell tower construction in the 4th quarter of this year, and it expects to roll out the service by the end of 2013.

Gogo says it will initially focus on existing commercial airline routes, but that it will also provide service to business customers moving forward. Gogo's license is a subordinate license to the primary Canadian license owned by SkySurf Canada Communications, meaning that the deal will allow Gogo to lease spectrum from the company. Gogo Inflight, which has been in operation in the United States since July of 2008, recently also announced that it would begin to offer Ku-band satellite technology on transoceanic flights by the end of the year (starting with Delta Airlines), until completion of its own network.