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T-Mobile Galaxy S II receives small software update to prepare for ISIS launch

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Today, T-Mobile announced a small update to the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) (Display)
Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) (Display)

Today, T-Mobile announced a small update to the Samsung Galaxy S II. The software update includes various bug fixes for Android 4.0.3 and an "ISIS/NFC update." The carrier's language is vague, but the update does not install the ISIS app. It's most likely that the update prepares the phone to support the mobile payment service when it launches — which Verifone CEO Doug Bergeron claims will be in September. The relatively minor update is only available through Samsung Kies on the desktop, and we wouldn't be surprised if T-Mobile didn't push it out OTA.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile has also published a blog post touting the different ways NFC can be used beyond mobile payments, but neither this update nor T-Mobile's post offer any concrete details on when the carrier intends to turn on full support for NFC payments. We've reached out to T-Mobile to try to clear up the reference to ISIS, but unfortunately the company's spokesperson had only this to say: "We have nothing to share at this time regarding Isis compatible products from T-Mobile, and we have nothing to add regarding the software update." If you're still interested in the update, you can fire it up via the Kies desktop app.