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Logitech adds Boombox portable speakers and new headphones to the UE audio mix

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Logitech has expanded its assortment of UE audio products with the Bluetooth-enable Boombox and Mobile Boombox, and an assortment of new headphones.

Gallery Photo: Logitech UE headphones, Boombox, and Mobile Boombox press images
Gallery Photo: Logitech UE headphones, Boombox, and Mobile Boombox press images

Logitech has been steadily building out its line of audio products, and today the company has announced a number of new items, including the Bluetooth-enabled Boombox and Mobile Boombox speaker systems, and an array of new headphones.

The Logitech UE Mobile Boombox is an updated take on the company's Mini Boombox, and allows users to stream music from their mobile device or tablet via Bluetooth. The device has a textured surface for easy gripping, and comes in an assortment of colors in a nod to competitors like the Jawbone Jambox. It runs off a rechargeable battery — there's a USB port on the back for connecting it to the wall — and also features a line-in jack if you'd rather pipe your music in the old-fashioned way. About the size of three stacked decks of cards, the Mobile Boombox also includes an integrated microphone so it can be used as a speakerphone, providing an assortment of features for its $99.99 asking price.

For those looking for a more robust sound, the $249.99 Boombox looks exactly like what its name implies: it's a wide metal box with an aluminum handle for carting it around the house or to the backyard. Logitech claims eight hours of life on its rechargeable battery, and it can be paired with up to eight different Bluetooth devices at any give time.

Ultimate Ears for pros, UE for regular humans

Logitech acquired audio company Ultimate Ears in 2008, and has sold its earphones under that name ever since. Moving forward, however, Logitech will be reserving Ultimate Ears for its professional-level gear — such as the $1,999 Personal Reference Monitors — while its consumer line will sold under the UE brand. That change is being kicked off with a new line of headphone and a new top-of-the-line in-ear headset. The headphones come in three flavors: the Logitech UE 4000 entry-level model, the UE 6000 — which features active noise cancellation — and the wireless UE 9000. All three models are designed for double-duty for both listening to music as well as making and receiving calls, and all feature detachable cables (the 9000 can be used as a wired headset should a Bluetooth device not be handy). The UE 4000 headset is priced at $99.99; the UE 6000 will retail for $199.99, with the UE 9000 coming in at $399.99.

The top of Logitech's in-ear consumer line, however, are the UE 900 earphones. With four-armature speakers in each earbud, the 900s come with two braided, removable cables — one with an in-line microphone and controls, the other without — and the usual assortment of silicone tips for finding the right fit. The UE 900 earphones will be priced at $399.99, and will be available along with the rest of the new products in Apple Stores starting in September.