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Terry Crews's playable Old Spice ad lets you control an insane drum set with his muscles

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A new playable Old Spice ad on Vimeo puts you in control of Expendables actor Terry Crews's muscle-controlled drum kit. Your songs can be uploaded to and shared from Vimeo.

terry crews old spice (vimeo)
terry crews old spice (vimeo)

What does former pro football player and Expendables actor Terry Crews do when he isn’t flying through the air, blowing stuff up, and extolling the virtues of Old Spice deodorant? The answer comes to us from a new playable ad on Vimeo (below): he gets busy on a fantastical 20-piece drum kit controlled by his muscles; a kit that contains (among other things) a giant wailing head and a trio of flame saxes. After putting on an impressive demo performance, Crews lets you control the music from your keyboard; via his muscles, naturally. You can upload and share your jams, too — we can just picture the envious looks on our friends’ faces when they get a taste of our virtuosity.